Kawasaki Pump K3V140 Series

K3V140 Series Kawasaki Replacement Parts

Whether you’re looking for replacement parts for the K3V140S, the K3V140DT, or the K3V140DTP, we’d be happy to serve you. Most of our parts are in stock and ready to ship same day or next day, but if they’re not, we’ll be sure to communicate that clearly with you. We know it’s important that you get your equipment back up and running quickly!
Take a look at our clear parts diagram of the K3V140 Series Kawasaki Pumps, and let us know which parts you need to get your pump back into action!

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K3V140 Series Drawing Parts Guide

We are constantly adding inventory; if the part you are looking for isn't listed, contact us to check its availability.

No. Part Name Mission Part # Alternate # Alternate # Qty
111 Drive Shaft (Front) K3V140111-F14,K3V140111-F17 K3V140SF14,K3V140SF17 1
113 Drive Shaft (Rear) K3V140113-R13 K3V140SR13 1
114 Spline Coupling Contact for Availability 1
123 Roller Bearing K3V140123 K3V140FB 2
124 Needle Bearing K3V140124 K3V140RB 2
127 Bearing Spacer Included in Item 123 K3V140SPCR 4
153 Set Plate K3V140153 K3V140SP 2
156 Spherical Bush K3V140156 K3V140BGS 2
157 Cylinder Spring (Set of 9) K3V140157 K3V14063BS 2
211 Shoe Plate K3V140211 K3V140SHP 2
212 Swash Plate Included in Item 030 2
214 Tilting Bush Included in Item 030 2
030 Swash Plate Assembly Contains Item 212 & 214 Included in 251 2
251 Swash Plate & Support Assembly
Contains Item 030, Item 490 (4) & Item 886
K3V140251 K3V140SPS 2
261 Seal Cover Contact for Availability 1
271 Pump Casing K3V140271 2
312 Valve Block Contact for Availability 1
401 Socket Bolt Contact for Availability 8
406 Socket Bolt Contact for Availability 4
466 VP Plug Contact for Availability 0VP14 2
468 VP Plug Contact for Availability 3
490 NPTF Plug Contact for Availability 15
530 Tilting Pin Assembly
Contains Item 548, Item 531 & Item 532
95.5mm or 101mm
K3V140DTTP 2
532 Servo Piston Included in Item 530 K3V140SERVO 2
534 Stopper(L) Contact for Availability 113384 2
535 Stopper (S) Contact for Availability 113388 2
808 Nut Contact for Availability 4
824 Snap Ring Contact for Availability 2
885 Pin Contact for Availability 2
886 Spring Pin Contact for Availability 4
901 Eye Bolt Contact for Availability 2
953 Set Screw Contact for Availability 2
954 Adjust Screw Contact for Availability 2
011 Piston Assembly (Set of 9) K3V140011 K3V140PS 2
013 Cylinder Block & Valve Plate Assembly (R) K3V140013 K3V140CBRH 1
014 Cylinder Block & Valve Plate Assembly (L) K3V140014 K3V140CBLH 1
041 Check Valve Short K3V140041 K3V140CV550A 2
042 Check Valve Long K3V140042 K3V140CV544A 2
04 Gear Pump K3V14004*
Many different types. Contact for availability.
079 Complete Seal Kit K3V140DTP-SK
Contains Seals&O-rings for Tandem Pump,
Regulators, Pilot Gear Pump & PTO
K3V140SK 1

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