Rexroth Series A10VO45

Rexroth Series A10VO45

We stock replacement Rexroth parts like Cylinder Block & valve plates, piston sets, shoe plates, shafts, ball guides, bearings, block & disc springs, swash plate assemblies. We work closely with UPS, and LTL carriers to good shipping rates - and for emergency repairs, we're able to offer same day shipping. Our large inventory allows us to offer wholesale pricing on our pump parts, and our knowledgeable sales reps are always willing to help you find the part you need.

We work closely with online distributor Hydraparts.

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Rexroth Series A10VO45 Parts List

We are constantly adding inventory; if the part you are looking for isn't listed, contact us to check its availability.

Description Rexroth Part #
Seal Kit R987053790
Seal Kit R987053784
Seal Kit, Complete R902002219
Shaft Seal Cover W/Seal
Retaining Ring - Front Cover R909152143
Ring Nut (Shaft) R909156020
Barrel R909421309
Retainer Plate R909444064
Retainer Plate Screw R902602395
Piston with Piston Rings R902031678
Piston Rings
Center Pin R909409486
Center Pin R902027352
Pressure Spring R902027353
Washer R909409612
Port Plate LH R902016556
Port Plate RH R909650851
Port Plate M R909650835
Barrel Pin R909084163
Cup Spring R909400105
Cup Washer Collar R909416980
Drive Shaft With Bearing Assembly R902030648
Drive Shaft for Mechanical Section
Shaft Key for Drive Shaft
Drive Shaft With Bearing Assembly R902030647
Drive Shaft for Mechanical Section
Shaft Key for Drive Shaft
Drive Shaft With Bearing Assembly R902030596
Drive Shaft for Mechanical Section
Tapered Roller Bearing R909154293
Tapered Roller Bearing R909154382
Housing R902038554
Housing R902038551
Port Plate R909409227
Port Plate R909409228
Port Plate R909409551
Port Plate R909409692
Spring R902400724
Press Pin R902400725
Snap Ring R902400726
Spacer R902400727
Piston R902400814
Cylinder Block R902407320
Retainer Plate R902429626
Ball Guide R902436450
Swash Plate RH 52 R902437704
Swash Plate LH 52 R902437705
Valve Plate LH R902448402
Valve Plate RH R902448403
Front Bearing R910704946
Rear Bearing R910704954
Cradle Bearing 31 R910900198
Seal Kit-V R910932984
Cradle Bearing 52 R910933793
Swash Plate RH R910961024
Swash Plate LH R910961026

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